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Two of the most profound uncertainties that man can ponder are: what is the meaning of life, and what is the meaning of death? Many would say that the answers to these questions are unknowable and too mysterious to be comprehended. Reverend Thomas Leighow believes however, that God has given us these answers, contained within the pages of the Bible.


The only way we can live in peace and harmony with death, is by having a true and correct perspective of what death actually is. Death can only be properly understood when it is viewed through the eyes of the very Creator of life and death — the God of the Bible.


In Dying to Live With God, Rev. Leighow opens the doors to understanding life and death as it should be understood from God’s eternal perspective. The reality of death, and the meaning of death, can only truly come from the mind of the One who set death in place. Death is not just a by-product of life, rather, death is a necessary component of the divine plan of a sovereign God who holds the power over life and death.


For those who live in fear of death, or for those who have not recovered after the loss of a loved one, this book will give you an understanding of death that will provide you with a blessed assurance and comfort to face your own “valley of the shadow of death.”